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How I Got Here

Let's keep this short & sweet. An idea to start a kids clothing line called Rock n Rich Baby turned into a failed business, but not a failed career.

I knew I was passionate about being an entrepreneur, and determined to gain experience any way I could.

That "failed" business got me a Marketing Coordinator position with a company that I fell in love with for 12 years. From Coordinator to the Director of Culture & Brand, the experience was one of my biggest blessings and led me to start my own consulting business.

The rest, we will talk about over coffee.

Services Offered

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Employee Engagement

& Recognition

Let's be honest, we live in a world where everyone wants their name in lights. Employee recognition is such a crucial piece to why people stay, and why people leave.

Social Media

Social Media plays such an important role in your overall company strategy. From identifying your audience, purpose, and voice, to

content creation that makes people want more.

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learn more

Branding &

Culture Building

Seems easy to define until you actually take the time to define it!

Your brand is you. How do you want to be known? Do you have a brand identity? If the answer is no, we have some fun work to do.

Trusted Network

My goal is to connect good companies to great people. I care about your companies success and that means connecting you to my trusted network that I have gained over the years.

If it's not my expertise, I still got you.

Credit Card Processing

Tech/IT Solutions

Content Creation

HR Consulting



Swag/ Company Collateral

Client Love

Wireless Vision

Priority One Lending

Wild Bills

Alliance Mobile

Aesthetic Art Skin Care

Chaldean American Chamber of Commerce

Behind Salt & Honey

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The Bible contains numerous references to salt. In various contexts, it is used metaphorically to signify permanence, loyalty, durability, fidelity, usefulness, value, and purification.

Honey is mentioned 61 times and its meaning is often associated with prosperity and abundance.


Growing up I always envied people that knew exactly what they were meant to do. Professions like doctors, teachers, lawyers felt like the way to go. As for me, what I liked the most was a little more chaotic. Different parts of my personality led me to where I am today. Salt and honey, two completely different things, mirrors my professional journey.


People that know me call me a Sour Patch Kid. Sometimes sweet, sometimes salty.

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